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Medical Spa RX: Botox from Canada | Laser Clinic MD

Laser Clinic MD

30 Oct, 2009

Medical Spa RX: Botox from Canada

Posted by: Laser Clinic MD In: Botox Canada| Laser Clinic| Medical Spa ()

Welcome to Skin Clinic MD! Trusted information about laser clinic or med spa treatments for taking care of your skin.

From Medical Spa MD: Medical Spa RX has had it’s first physician who has reordered Botox 5 times. In fact, there are a number of them. Woot!

Oddly enough, I consider 5 reoders of Botox significantly significanly more impressive than only 4. (I don’t know why. Perhaps because Medical Spa RX has only been offering Botox for the last 4 months so 5 orders would be more than monthly.)

Medical Spa RX has been shipping orders for something on the order of 4 months now so 5 orders is telling me that we’ve got a number of physicians who switched to Medical Spa RX very shortly after we launched it and have been using it exclusively. (My clincs usually orded Botox or Restyland monthly so that’s where my logic lies.)

We’ve been extremely diligent in makeing sure that Medical Spa MD Members are being taken care of by Medical Spa RX and as far as I’m aware we’ve never yet had a single complaint about the service or product.

I should note here that Medical Spa RX and Medical Spa MD are completely different. Medical Spa RX is Select Partner who offers exclusive services to our Members. (Any technology provider or service company who can provide meaningfull value to our Members is welcome to apply.)

For those physician or medical spa Members who have not yet ordered your Botox through Medical Spa RX and are in a position to do so, I’d highly recommend giving them a chance by placing a small test order of whatever you use most, Botox, Restylane, Juvederm of Dysport.

Also, if you haven’t heard about the group buy option, there’s nothing like it to harness buying power.

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